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Welcome to Prevention Partners NSW

celebrating over a decade of serving NSW councils

Our Philosophy

... because it is important that we start on the same page


Prevention Partners NSW will always provide service of the highest quality with your interests at heart. We help our clients steer around potholes, not into them. We do this by offering quality and reliable legal guidance and representation and benchmark governance and probity services.


Prevention Partners NSW will always act ethically, honestly and with integrity. We have found that the most effective manner to offer our quality services is to work with our clients in a collegiate and honest manner. We believe that it is difficult to put a wrong foot when acting ethically. We also believe that it is in our best interests to act in your best interests at all times.


Prevention Partners NSW will always keep our costs and overheads low so that we are always accessible and competitive. Our care and expertise is offered at very reasonable and competitive rates. We stand by our motto that 'a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure' and offer a reduced rate to mature clients who bring us preventative work, rather than correctional.

Clear Communication

Prevention Partners NSW will always avoid using legalese and make all communication easily understood by using Plain English.

Corporate Citizenship

Prevention Partners NSW will always be a supportive and strong corporate citizen. In everything we do we ask ourselves ‘what is the corporate risk that our clients are facing here and how can we help?’ We look for strategic solutions that take into account your internal and external political environments, your goals and your community, resulting in a long term resolution and prevention of future issues.

Read more about our corporate citizenship here.

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