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Our services are provided from a platform of direct and relevant experience.
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Local Government Law

Councils deal with a range of statutes on a daily basis.  This is what we do.

We strike a balance of considering the politics (both internal and external), your strategies and direction, and probity so as to place you in the best possible position for the short and long term.

Probity Advice

Prevention Partners NSW has been probity advisors on some large projects, such as:

  • Cumberland Council's decision to privatise its waste services

  • development of the Ashfield Aquatic Center, and

  • upgrade of Smithfield Road, Smithfield

Legal Advice and Drafting

We provide a high level of expertise in anything 'local government', including meeting procedure, dealing with officials, managing council land, privacy, access to information, dealing with contractors, procurement and tendering.

Managing Government Information

We regularly assist numerous agencies in dealing with a wide range of issues of information management. Prevention Partners NSW can provide advice, deliver training, assist with drafting of documents and dealing with difficult citizens.

Policy and Governance

Our Principal, Monica, has a Masters degree in administrative law and policy. 

Do not hesitate to call us to discuss how to effectively design, apply and review policies to help your council achieve its goals.

Contracts and Tenders

We focus on contracts and tendering from a holistic perspective encased in local government.

While many lawyers advise on contract law we have found that most do not fully appreciate how local government law impacts commercial principles of contract law.

Workshops and Training
Female Lecturer

We have years of experience in producing and delivering workshops on a range of topics tailored for Councillors, executive or non-executive council staff. We can tailor and deliver workshops on any topic you need.

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