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Prevention Partners NSW is a boutique firm that specialises in assisting councils to avoid corporate risk, primarily by providing and promoting good governance through benchmark legal advice, clear guidance, excellent representation, superior drafting of documents and quality training. 


At Prevention Partners NSW we live by our motto that 'a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure' and offer a reduced hourly rate to those clients who engage our services for preventative work, rather than correctional work.


We understand the sometimes difficult environment of local government where numerous considerations and interests are required to be balanced. We appreciate and have direct experience with the sensitive and political nature of Council. We aim to form strong allegiances with our clients, keeping watch for any changes in the environment which may affect our clients, whether that be political, legal or community based.


We strive to keep our clients out of the courts, which is unusual for a law firm because the lion’s share of a law firm’s profits usually derive from litigation. However trials are usually reactionary rather than preventative, which is not in keeping with our philosophy, therefore we aim to avoid it. We promote early intervention and have had great success with dispute resolution, which has also saved our clients huge expenditure.

Our Policy Portfolio includes the following policies:

  • Corporate Responsibility Policy        

  • Conflict of Interests Policy            

  • Dealing with Clients Policy             

  • Billing and Invoicing Policy         

  • Reporting Policy                  

  • Briefing and Debriefing Clients Policy        

  • Quality Assurance Policy               

  • Plain English Policy                      

  • Work Health and Safety Policy

  • Privacy Policy

Please feel free to ask for a copy of our Policy Portfolio if you would like more detail.

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